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Ancient Crossroads Internet Marketing is an Internet Marketing Agency owned by Crystal Ratcliffe RN, BSN a Certified Social Media Marketer. We help businesses create their brand presence through precise focused Hyper-targeting in internet marketing to achieve their  business goals. Our process is designed to empower their brand and outfit their business with the internet marketing tools needed to succeed. Crystal Ratcliffe leads the team with her certificate in Social Media Marketing, a rare thing in this modern day of Social Media which is a unregulated industry. Trained by experts in the field that is ever changing, her sources for those changes, keep Ancient Crossroads Internet Marketing updated as soon as they happen. Using current information as the field of internet marketing and social media platforms change.

Her marketing plans for her clients uses the most current information available. Lead by one of the leading Sales Trainers in the world, Eric Lofholm, she brings cutting edge Certified Social Media Marketing and cutting Sales Scripts with a knowledge of business management. Her background with studies from Regis University where she is only 3 units short of a Masters in Nursing Management mixed with world renown sales skills, knowledge, techniques and lessons in marketing and social media on the different platforms (Facebook, Instagram), with intense studying from information taught by Eric Lofholm and his Sales Academy and other Programs and training by other top trainers in their fields. This training empowers Ancient Crossroads Internet Marketing to support your businesses growth, limit your turnover, and increase your sales with minimum ad spend for maximum return of investment. 

Ancient Crossroads Internet Marketing will put you on a solid track to success and profit.

Ancient Crossroads Internet Marketing.
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We are International and Internet based
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For Ancient Crossroads Internet Marketing Terms of Service, GDPR Policy, Privacy Policy please see those policies

Regarding Ads, Funnels, Websites, Social Media provided for Clients

We will answer only technical questions only regarding client's site. No discussions regarding any offer in any funnel, website, ever-green webinar, webinar, membership site, Ads, or other internet presence function, seminar,or any book or product sold products sold via any funnel or programs offered in any  funnel, consultations, tutoring, coaching or programs offered by the client of the  who hired Ancient Crossroads Internet Marketing will occur.

 We do not guarantee any effect, results, results, service  or product of a client. All claims made are made  by the person hiring us and making the product, or selling the service.  Ancient Crossroads Internet Marketing makes the marketing, and makes the internet presence and information based on the clients content and information they provided. 

Therefore we are unable to answer any questions regarding any content, product or service by the customer. The content was provided to Ancient Crossroads Internet Marketing's by the customer and we do not know the answers. So anyone with questions regarding the content of any  funnel, website, evergreen webinar, webinar, membership site, Ads, or other internet presence that Ancient Crossroads was hired to set up for our client, needs to go to that client for their answers. 

 Example of such questions: guarantees on products or services, fees, costs, prices, warranty, returns, payments etc. 

Contacting the client: the information Ancient Crossroads has, at the time of contract, for contacting the client ABOUT US page and is currant at the time of the contract With Ancient Crossroads internet Marketing. After the contract ends, and they may no longer be a client, we may not  have the currant contact information. We do not update contact information (no5r are we able) to update contact information on inactive clients.
How to contact the customer is on the client's About page. 

 The above contact for Ancient Crossroads Internet Marketing for questions or issues regarding the funnel/website/webinar/etc function only or for questions for business questions regarding social media marketing only.
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